Sunday, 24 August 2014

Darkwatch for PS2 Review

QUICK NOTE: If you're wondering why it's been over 5 days since I last blogged, its honestly just that I've been lazy. I'm not going to lie.

Darkwatch is one of the most underrated fps games of the 6th generation, in my opinion. It's a western shooter that's hard to put down with great guns, fun levels and creative enemies. It's obvious that HighMoon had fun making this game. So, onto the review.

The story, however, is not anything special. You're an outlaw named Jericho Cross and you hijack a train, then after fighting through zombies blow open a vault. However, instead of money inside, is the Darkwatch's greatest enemy. A vampire lord named Lazarus Malkoth then bites you and you are given the curse of the vampire, the game then outlining Jericho's struggle for humanity. The epic gameplay makes up for the lack of story, though.

For those that care, graphics and sound in this game are good. Voice acting is above average and the graphics are actually pretty good, looking like an early Xbox360 game. Music is also very good and fits the mood of the game perfectly.

Guns are designed great and feel great too. Dual pistols are my favorite, but it would be a lot better (and convenient) if you could hold down the fire button to fire them over and over again. The carbine and crossbows are a lot better too, but generally, I found myself vampire jumping into the faces of flying enemies and punching their heads off. Not to say that you don't ever need guns, but I could imagine someone finishing the game without them, excluding the boss fights. Ammo is also common, as zombies called gunslingers carry weapons and you can pick them up for ammo. Dynamite is also very useful.

Speaking of enemies, they're really well designed. From the gunslingers to the fat zombies with the swords, they're fun to fight and each one tougher than the next. Bosses are also good, but the first one on top of a train isn't hard at all. Just meele when he comes close and shoot when he's far away. One enemy that was annoying, however, was the skeletons that carried TNT barrels. They were too fast to shoot when they were far away but when they got close they either blew you up or were blown up by you (still hurting you). And, you have to keep a distance from them since when they die the TNT explodes. But that's hard because, as mentioned, they're fast, and come in groups. Aside from them though, good enemies.

A feature I enjoyed was the good or bad choices. At some parts of the game, you come across items you can interact with in either a good or evil way. Depending on which you choose, you get a different power. Powers are also really neat, and helpful, such as Bloody Frenzy.

In conclusion, Darkwatch was and still is an overlooked PS2 fps that combines steampunk and gothic horror into a fun experience that will keep you hooked through all 6 hours of gameplay. Buy the game if you want a fun and different fps experience, since it's cheap now.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure for PS2 Review

Usually, I don't play games like this one, aka ghetto games. However, I really do enjoy this game. Is it the most underrated game ever on PS2? No, but it was definatley overlooked, since I never hear anyone talk about this game.

First of all, the story. You are Trane, and you just got into graffiti. Trane is also a massive douchebag. However, the law is really tight on it, so you're constantly running away from them whilst you vandalise. There are other vandals, too, such as White Mike, Sane Smith and Cope2. Some are your enemies, and some are your friends. White Mike, however, you fight early in the game. But, due to Kry-1 being your friend, he joins you later on. The main villains are called Vandals Of New Radius (VaNR) and are lead by Gabe, Dip and Spleen. They "cross you out" by spray painting a cross on your back after beating you up. Then, you swear revenge on them when you get up. Fitting title.

Combat, unlike IGN says, is good in this game. There are many buttons and it can be fast paced at times, but the constant tutorials at the start of the game are annoying as the game pauses when they pop up. You want to play the game, not read, as what it tells you to do you probably figure out for yourself if you're not stupid. Once it gives you freedom though, you can grapple, punch, slap, kick, evade attacks in the best way possible, insult punch (where you slow motion punch a guy and then can slap him in slow mo, which fills your blue meter up) and hit enemies with melee weapons. However, Trane (being the scumbag he is) gets into fights for stupid reasons. He calls White Mike fat out of the blue and then beats him up. That's not really helping the fact Trane isn't likeable from the start. You know, if DmC Dante was the main character here there would be no difference.

Let's talk about the platforming. I like it, but it's just so slow. It would be so much better if you went faster across walls and pipes. But, it's not as bad as platforming in other games, because I've seen a lot worse (Remember Me is one of the worst offenders, since the camera is blocked by a lot of things and it has a lot of awkward jumps), but if you want to see good platforming look at the boss fight with Edgar in Bully. Before you get to fight him, you chase him, by crawling, balancing, jumping and so on. It's great. If it was the same here I would love it. Actually, you know what, if Rockstar remade this game themselves with just the same plot, it would sell a million copies.

For those that care, graphics and sound are good. Graphics are what you would expect on a PS2 game and sound is nice, with decent voice acting, a sweet soundtrack and no audiospikes. Level design is linear, although there is some exploration such as in the first part of the game.

Sadly, this game was overlooked, but if you want a fun game to kill time on PS2 then I reccomend this game. It's fun, the tagging is great and hey, you get to play a scumbag who fights scumbags! Buy this game and ignore the reviews on this game. It's fun.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Rocky for Gamecube Review

And in this corner, we have Gamecube Balboa!

Usually, movie games suck. But every once and a while, a one comes along that is just awesome. They follow the movie and aren't made for money, those games being ones like Rocky for the Nintendo Gamecube.

The graphics and sound, for those who care, are good. The sound is high quality and there are no audio spikes (at least none that I've encountered) and graphics are what you'd expect, except Rocky's face looks kinda weird and there are one or two glitches every now and then. They're far from awful, though. The story of Rocky... well, I've never seen the movies, actually, even though I really should. Look it up if you want to know. I can't really judge it, but from what I know it's a pretty good story.

Boxing is fun, because it isn't button mashing. Far from it, and it can get pretty intense. B punches in the gut, A punches in the chest, X punches in the face, R and B does an uppercut (useful for knockouts), Z is to taunt, and to dodge is the joystick and L. A cheat code to unlock all boxers and arenas is hold R and press UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, L at the main menu. :D

The boxing gets harder as it goes on. Spider Rico, aka the first person you fight, is pretty easy. I also like how there is a strategy for each boxer, such as just take it easy and dodge for heavy attackers, and be aggressive to quickly knock out the light attackers. It gets rid of repetitive fights and makes each fight different. I like it.

Training is not boring and worth it as it ups stats. You can auto train, but it doesn't help as much as training normally. You are given a certain time to do a certain move. There are different types of training you can do, from pads to boxing bags. Thus, you want to train, to get better and do well, instead of it coming off as pointless and boring.

Rocky won't win any awards or game of the years or anything, but it is still a neat game and is quite impressive actually. I suggest buying it if you collect for the Gamecube or are just a fan of boxing games. It's really cool.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Patapon for PSP Review

Circle circle square circle!

I generally don't play handheld games in long periods, but this game I couldn't pull myself away from. Patapon is the awesome, unique and addictive rhythm game by Pyramid and Japan Studio. Why haven't I blogged for so long you ask? I was on holiday and since I got back I haven't had the time until now. But anyway, here's the review.

The story is that you are the Almighty, aka God, and you must guide the Patapons (the little guys in the picture) through many scenarios such as hunting, battles and so on by using a holy drum they have given you. Each button makes different noises; square makes a PATA noise, circle makes a PON noise, triangle makes a CHAKA noise and X makes a DON noise. By using them together, you can give orders through different combos, such as PATA PATA PATA PON moves your Patapons forward, PON PON PATA PON attacks, CHAKA CHAKA PATA PON defends and PON PATA PON PATA makes all Patapons retreat. Yet, you can't use them all at the start, you have to unlock them.

Graphics and sound, for those who care, are great. The music is fitting, the chanting of the Patapons is good and the graphics are really artsy, fitting for the game. The Patapons look great, and I like the way how they worship you. I just wish they could put video games in the altar. Speaking of the altar, that's where the offerings are put from the Patapons. They usually put good stuff in there, and it's a neat feature. You can also discover new things in battle and generally just by playing the game.

The game, however, is not for everyone. One, it's a fast-paced game, meaning that if you screw up then you really screw up, and I lost a hunting mission because I accidentally tapped the wrong button and the animals ran away. Two, the game is not easy. In later levels, it really becomes a challenge, and if you don't stay in rhythm then it takes a while to get back into it. Also, you have to wait for the Patapons to chant the combo before you can do another one. Also, having to push a bunch of buttons in a row whilst in battle can be difficult for some.

Enemies are good in this game. Just like for your Patapons, there are different classes for them, each tougher than the next. But, you fortunately start with basic soldiers and then work your way up the food chain to ones like that giant insect thing in the picture above. This gives you time to get better and prepare for the next battle. Enemies aren't overpowered either, and bosses aren't impossible.

Patapon is a great rhythm game, and you should pick it up. It's something different and unique, unlike Call of Duty. If you have a PSP definatley try this game out. Like mentioned, it isn't for everyone, but if you're up for something new this is the game for you.

Friday, 1 August 2014