Saturday, 16 August 2014

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure for PS2 Review

Usually, I don't play games like this one, aka ghetto games. However, I really do enjoy this game. Is it the most underrated game ever on PS2? No, but it was definatley overlooked, since I never hear anyone talk about this game.

First of all, the story. You are Trane, and you just got into graffiti. Trane is also a massive douchebag. However, the law is really tight on it, so you're constantly running away from them whilst you vandalise. There are other vandals, too, such as White Mike, Sane Smith and Cope2. Some are your enemies, and some are your friends. White Mike, however, you fight early in the game. But, due to Kry-1 being your friend, he joins you later on. The main villains are called Vandals Of New Radius (VaNR) and are lead by Gabe, Dip and Spleen. They "cross you out" by spray painting a cross on your back after beating you up. Then, you swear revenge on them when you get up. Fitting title.

Combat, unlike IGN says, is good in this game. There are many buttons and it can be fast paced at times, but the constant tutorials at the start of the game are annoying as the game pauses when they pop up. You want to play the game, not read, as what it tells you to do you probably figure out for yourself if you're not stupid. Once it gives you freedom though, you can grapple, punch, slap, kick, evade attacks in the best way possible, insult punch (where you slow motion punch a guy and then can slap him in slow mo, which fills your blue meter up) and hit enemies with melee weapons. However, Trane (being the scumbag he is) gets into fights for stupid reasons. He calls White Mike fat out of the blue and then beats him up. That's not really helping the fact Trane isn't likeable from the start. You know, if DmC Dante was the main character here there would be no difference.

Let's talk about the platforming. I like it, but it's just so slow. It would be so much better if you went faster across walls and pipes. But, it's not as bad as platforming in other games, because I've seen a lot worse (Remember Me is one of the worst offenders, since the camera is blocked by a lot of things and it has a lot of awkward jumps), but if you want to see good platforming look at the boss fight with Edgar in Bully. Before you get to fight him, you chase him, by crawling, balancing, jumping and so on. It's great. If it was the same here I would love it. Actually, you know what, if Rockstar remade this game themselves with just the same plot, it would sell a million copies.

For those that care, graphics and sound are good. Graphics are what you would expect on a PS2 game and sound is nice, with decent voice acting, a sweet soundtrack and no audiospikes. Level design is linear, although there is some exploration such as in the first part of the game.

Sadly, this game was overlooked, but if you want a fun game to kill time on PS2 then I reccomend this game. It's fun, the tagging is great and hey, you get to play a scumbag who fights scumbags! Buy this game and ignore the reviews on this game. It's fun.

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