Saturday, 9 August 2014

Rocky for Gamecube Review

And in this corner, we have Gamecube Balboa!

Usually, movie games suck. But every once and a while, a one comes along that is just awesome. They follow the movie and aren't made for money, those games being ones like Rocky for the Nintendo Gamecube.

The graphics and sound, for those who care, are good. The sound is high quality and there are no audio spikes (at least none that I've encountered) and graphics are what you'd expect, except Rocky's face looks kinda weird and there are one or two glitches every now and then. They're far from awful, though. The story of Rocky... well, I've never seen the movies, actually, even though I really should. Look it up if you want to know. I can't really judge it, but from what I know it's a pretty good story.

Boxing is fun, because it isn't button mashing. Far from it, and it can get pretty intense. B punches in the gut, A punches in the chest, X punches in the face, R and B does an uppercut (useful for knockouts), Z is to taunt, and to dodge is the joystick and L. A cheat code to unlock all boxers and arenas is hold R and press UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, L at the main menu. :D

The boxing gets harder as it goes on. Spider Rico, aka the first person you fight, is pretty easy. I also like how there is a strategy for each boxer, such as just take it easy and dodge for heavy attackers, and be aggressive to quickly knock out the light attackers. It gets rid of repetitive fights and makes each fight different. I like it.

Training is not boring and worth it as it ups stats. You can auto train, but it doesn't help as much as training normally. You are given a certain time to do a certain move. There are different types of training you can do, from pads to boxing bags. Thus, you want to train, to get better and do well, instead of it coming off as pointless and boring.

Rocky won't win any awards or game of the years or anything, but it is still a neat game and is quite impressive actually. I suggest buying it if you collect for the Gamecube or are just a fan of boxing games. It's really cool.

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