Saturday, 21 June 2014

PlayStation 2 Review

Currently best selling video games console of all time, the PlayStation 2 (or the PS2) is great. With a long lifetime of games being made up until 2013, it definatley deserves to be bought. And here is a review of it, since I just got it today for cheap (and no, it wasn't the slim).

First of all, let me just say this. People originally bought the PS2 as a DVD player, because it was the cheapest on the market, at the time. However, this messed up the insides of the PS2, and they stopped working in about 6-8 years if people used it for this reason. Yet, if you use it just for games, you'll be fine. But if you want it as a dvd player get the PS2 slim.

The controller is also great. It is officially called the Dualshock 2, the first Dualshock to have analog sticks, and they work out well. The buttons are the same, and the triggers are buttons which I like. It fits snugly in your hand and no part of the plastic feels sharp or soft. The light to show that the controller is connected is between the analog sticks and is a nice feature.

Some of the best games are on the PS2, as well. Okami, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, GTA: San Andreas, Bully, Grand Turismo, God of War, Guitar Hero 2... and that's barely a few. For the ones I've played, I've rarely encountered clunky controls, which is good.

Something they got right on the PS2 but not the PS3 was the material they built it with. You can't get fingerprints on the PS2 like you can the PS3, and same with the PS2 slim. It makes it look better even when it gets used, and it feels good when you're carrying the system.

There's only two things I don't like about it though. First one, I don't really blame the PS2 since most other consoles of the same generation were doing the same, but you have to save games on a memory card rather than onto a hardrive. And you have to buy the memory card separate, I think. Ugh.

Secondly, it killed the Dreamcast. Whilst the Dreamcast was a GREAT system, it didn't sell well because it was just after the Sega Saturn (which was -despite me and some others liking it- hated, so it put Sega's console market in a bad place with only 12% of the market controlled by them) and the PS2 was more hyped so it outsold the Dreamcast massively. Shame.

Moving on. The PS2 had some really fun and cool accessories, such as the pistol, the better controller, the driving wheel, the remote, and there was even a KATANA controller. Whilst some were bad, they were still pretty creative.

The PS2 was mostly black, but I think it looks pretty cool silver or red. There is many colours it comes in. Another thing worth mentioning is that the PS2 is almost silent, unlike the Xbox or Gamecube. PS2 was great, and is great. I really reccomend the slim rather than the original, but either way, it's a blast.

OVERALL SCORE: Awesome. 10/10.

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