Sunday, 6 July 2014

Destroy All Humans! for PS2 Review

This game is an example of people calling a game bad when in fact, it isn't and is actually far from it in my eyes. Destroy All Humans! is funny, enjoyable, and memorable. A lot of people seem to know about it, too. So here's a review of the game.

The story is not great, but it's a good one. You play as Crypto, your aim being to destroy all the humans on Earth or the alien race will not be able to stay immortal through cloning themselves. Also, a clone of you crashes his UFO and is captured by the human military. Funny thing is though, you only destroy America...

Characters are also memorable. There's - obviously - Crypto, who wants to vaporise everything and be destructive. The Furon leader, however, prefers Crypto to destroy all humans in a less insane way. It leads to some funny cutscenes every now and then. Humans are portrayed as hating Crypto, and to be honest, it's just like in real life (us being super-cautious about aliens).

Weapons... there are some really awesome weapons in this game, and that's for sure, but the first weapon you get I don't like. It's weak and why use it when you can pick up humans and throw them at each other, then going to their corpses and tearing out the brain with your mind to get DNA?

Let's talk about your brain in the game. It's actually really fun to use and in my opinion is one the best features in games. You can read human and animal thoughts for missions or (human thoughts only) to stay as a hologram of a human (named holobob), that you transform into by going up to a human and pressing O. You can pick up humans and throw them, which is also good fun. You can hypnotise them, which you'll do alot in missions and when you're stealthing when you can't use holobob. Finally, you can mutilate dead humans or animals, to get their brains out. Collect the brains for DNA, which you use to advance levels. Fun feature.

In Destroy All Humans!, there are some really, really fun missions and I was surprised by that. There's one where you have to vaporise scientists that have turned cows into exploding zombie radioactive cows, and then later in the same one I think you get to holobob the mayor. There really are surprises waiting for you in this game. Only issue? It's a shooooooooort game. It lasts 10 hours. I haven't beaten it yet, though.

For those that care, graphics and sound is great. If you've ever played Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, the graphics in cutscenes are that quality. The sound is good, with good voice acting, and the Furon leader sounds like Invader Zim. You can't not love that.

Fun: 8. It's original and got some surprises to keep you entertained.
Graphics and Sound: 8.5. Impressive for the PS2, like that in Goldeneye: Rogue Agent.
Writing: 9. Funny and well voice-acted.
Story: 7. It's nothing great, but still a good story.
Control: 8. Simple control.
Level Design: 8.

OVERALL SCORE: 8/10, aka 4/5 stars.

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