Sunday, 13 July 2014

Top 5 Games Others Hate I Like

Every now and then, there comes a game that someone doesn't like, and also sometimes a game someone does like. So, here are the top 5 games that you hate but I like. Rules are that there will only be games I've played on this list and it's not in order.

5) Dmc: Devil May Cry

Alright, this one was liked by some but most hated it. Critics gave it a good score, yet players hated it... and it's not CoD. Button masher? No, it's called a beat-em-up. Weak characters? I guess. Bad story? Possibly. Not as good as others? Agreed. But little things don't make it a bad game. Imagine if I said all Atari games were bad because they had no sound and no story. So what? Enjoy it for what it is.

4) Duke Nukem Forever

This was in development for 15 years. And what we got was definatley not worth all that wait. I'll admit. But if you look past it being disappointing... it's actually kinda fun. Sure, it wasn't that funny, but it tried. It wasn't anything special, but it was still fun. Weapons were nice, and boss fights were fun. If you weren't a fan of Duke Nukem and played this first, like me, you'd enjoy it.

3) Syndicate

The start of this game put me off. It wasn't anything great and was just like most fps games. But, because my friend said it was so good, I pushed on. And then it introduced mechanics that made it GREAT. You can hack things, make enemies turn against each other then kill themselves, and more. If you gave up before you got to hack stuff, the one, you get bored easily, and two, you need to give games better chances and impressing you. Syndicate was awesome because of this, and it reminds me of Deus Ex Human Revolution.

2) Serious Sam: Next Encounter

Alright. I can see why you wouldn't like this. It's a DOOM ripoff that has a misleading cover and the game is incredibly wacky... too wacky for some. But it's an entertaining ripoff. If you didn't expect much, the game is challenging and enjoyable, with good co-op. And, that's good enough for me. So, if you want something like DOOM for your GameCube, buy this.

1) Spongebob Squarepants The Movie (game)

Battle for Bikini bottom was definatley the best Spongebob game. It was like Super Mario 64 actually. And then this game out and gamers hated it. But why? It wasn't as good, sure, but it was still fun. It took away some things but still managed to have interesting mechanics and I enjoyed it. So don't hate it for being different.


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