Thursday, 15 May 2014

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

I love Sci-Fi games. Ones such as Red Faction: Guerrilla,  Mass Effect 2, and this one are my personal picks. So, with a one that has balls-breakingly hard bosses and intense hacking, does it live up to all of it's hype?

First of all, though, a minor complaint. There are minor spoilers here, so if you don't want the first part spoilt, skip this paragraph. Now that those people have went, onto the complaint. During the start of the game, whilst your lab is being attacked by terrorists, you have no health, ammo, or radar HUD at all. It looks cool, sure, and it doesn't confuse me, but let's say I was a casual. I would be confused as hell. Not a huge thing, but I could see it causing confusion for some.

Moving onto the actual review now. The story I actually UNDERSTAND ALL OF IT. Set off the fireworks. You play as a man called Adam, a security guard at Sarif Industries in Detroit. Then it, as mentioned, gets attacked by terrorists, and you get shot. Your body gets rebuilt however, and you're called back into action. Simple, but an awesome idea.

Guns are awesome. You have assault rifles like your Combat Rifle (the one you first get), close range revolvers and shotguns, smgs like your machine pistol, snipers, and everything a terrorist-killing badass would need. They're good, and ammo isn't short, you just gotta know where to look... or just look on desks if you're a lazy moron.

Level design is brilliant. You'll be having so much fun shooting gas tanks and gassing rooms, afterwards crawling through an air vent hidden behind some crates to escape. As well as that, enemy placement is sweet. They're positioned perfectly for both stealthy and un-stealthy methods, just like in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas.

Now, enemies. You have the terrorists, each with smart AI and a variety of guns. They're pretty useful for loot and ammo. Then you have the robotic enemies, which can be hacked in an intense way. Sweet and smart AI for them too, and a challenging fight. Just lob a grenade though and you'll be A-OK.

Hacking is a great system and a great idea. You will be sweating onto the controller as you try to sneak around and fortify buildings to get the main part. If you're detected though, you better hurry up, and snag all the extra things you can for more rewards. If you fail though, try harder next time, you only have so many tries (and sometimes only one). It's intense and rewarding.

Characters are good also. Adam is likeable but also tough, as well as characters that await such as Megan. Hell, even some of the antagonists are likeable, such as the Adam-face-shooting Lawrence Barrett. You'd be more likely to become president than you are to find a bad character in this game. So start running for it.

For those that care, graphics and sounds are AWESOME. Graphics give a futuristic style that is chocolate for your eyes, that just looks awesome. Can't describe it any other way. Sound is also really good, with amazingly well-done voice acting and sfx sounding great. It's also not too hard but is definatley challenging at the right moments... for the most part. If you're not careful, as little as 5 shots can kill you.

Controls are smooth too. They're simple for any common FPS player, and they're taught to you well (either that or you figure it out for yourself). And thank LORD GABEN that the tutorials are optional. It's like Just Cause 2's and Far Cry 3's tutorials, and I like that way.

I've never played any other Deus Ex games, but this one has made me want to. It's fast paced, great, and has a simple story with awesome controls and graphics. Buy it, it's cheap at CEX, as it's only around £8.00 at the most. And it's worth more.

Story: 10. Praise Notch, I understand a full story in the game. And it's a great story too.
Characters: 9. They're iconic and stand out.
Fun: 8. Intense hacking and shootouts will enthrall you, but the difficulty may make you run off.
Sound and Graphics: 8. I like them and the voice acting is great.
Controls: 8. Simple and little time is needed to adjust to them.
Writing: 8. Good.
Level Design: 7.5. I like it.

OVERALL SCORE: 8/10, aka 4/5 stars.

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