Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Turok Review

Turok is an underrated game, since not much people talk about it. But, I was looking around in CEX one time a few weeks back, and saw the steelbook version of this. And it seems awesome, since you play as a guy who fights dinosaurs and soldiers with lots of weapons. So, here's my review.

First of all, characters. They're not a strongpoint of Turok. Whilst Turok himself is likeable, his allies die way too fast and it's funny more than emerging. I get it, Halo did the same sort of thing, as well as other games, but it isn't done too well here. Yet, the villain is pretty good, as when you get your bow you get a... flashback (I dunno what it is) to him. Kinda weird, but cool and well-executed.

Cutscenes show off the game. One minute, you're running through a burning ship, the next you're running from the giant T-rex. It's really good, and builds up suspense right before the first T-rex. Really good cutscenes here.

Multiplayer... sadly, I've never got a chance to play it. One of these two things have happened: either there's no one else in the UK playing it, or everyone is playing the awesome singleplayer. It's a real shame, though, as the multiplayer looks freakin' sweet. So if anyone ever wants to play it with me, my gamertag is Jerrika12. Would love to play it.

Weapons are cool. You can go silent or guns blazing; a bit like a less-intense Far Cry 3 or a jungle Splinter Cell depending on your style. SMGs can be dual wielded; only problem is that then you can't aim that way, since it has the same dual-controls as my favorite franchise, Halo. Bows are super-powerful and excellent, as you can kill an enemy soldier in one (full) shot. And I find the knife strangely useful for  for small dinosaurs.

The story is also pretty good. You play as, obviously, Turok, a soldier in space who crashlands onto an unknown planet with soldiers and dinosaurs. Minor spoiler here, but your friend dies as he is pulled through spiky plants by a dinosaur and then eaten. After that, you search for the crashland site and find a new friend (yay!) who leads you through. He hasn't died yet, but since Turok likes to kill off characters, he's gonna die. I know he is.

For those that care, sound and graphics are good. Morons might turn away from Turok due to it's nothing-special graphics, but hey, Half Life 2 graphics were similar and you guys LOVED them, don't lie. Sound is good, as music is cool, but I found myself with the occasional snigger at some voice acting. Not at all to say it's bad, just cheesy sometimes.


Now, I can't compare it to the originals, because I LITERALLY JUST TOOK A YOUTUBE BREAK AND SAW COMMENTS SAYING THERE WERE ORIGINALS. When I get them, expect a review. Until then, Turok is freakin' awesome, and you should buy it for a cheap steelbook costing £5.

Story: 8. It's kinda cliched, but still sweet.
Characters: 6.5. They're not a strongpoint for sure, but they're good.
Fun: 8.5. You aren't forced to play in any way, and there's no STAY IN THE MISSION AREA bullcrap like CoD has. Yes, deal with it, I hate CoD.
Sounds and Graphics: 7. Nothing special, but nice graphics and sound here.
Controls: 8. Simple and nice.
Writing: 7. Good, but not always acted well.

OVERALL RATING: 8/10, aka 4 stars.

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