Sunday, 11 May 2014

Left 4 Dead 2 Review

I love Valve. They're generally a PC gaming company, but games for the Xbox 360 like Portal or Team Fortress 2 that they made are amazing. Here is one of their good games, aka Left 4 Dead 2. I like Left 4 Dead (first one) better though.

First of all, the characters. They are, disappointingly, not as good as the L4D ones. Ellis is a redneck, who has pretty funny lines, but he is sometimes annoying. Nick is a gambler, and a "bad-guy" character, but he's my favorite. Coach meets stereotypes and is funny. And Rochelle... one likes Rochelle.

Maps are good, with ones like The Parish or Dark Carnival being my favorite. But what really, really, REALLY is just stupid is you have to buy all the maps with L4D characters. What?! Did Valve swap places with EA? What? THAT'S STUPID! And they cost about £5 each, so for ten of them it would be fifty pounds, add the twenty pounds you spent on the game... SIXTY POUND. That is just unacceptable. Valve, you're getting greedy. Stop it.

Enemies are awesome. There are normal zombies, but also extra ones. Unique zombies like the Riot Zombie have special ways to kill them, and with CEDA zombies they're fireproof and drop Boomer Bile. Then there's the special zombies. Hunters and Jockeys are annoying but are easy to kill, whilst Smokers and Spitters will try to stealthily harm you. Boomers will get in the way, and Tanks will make you want to get out of their way. It all works out well in a balanced, fun way.

Projectiles next. Molotovs will set them on fire, Pipe Bombs will lead all zombies (expect special zombies) astray to be blown up, and Boomer Bile will turn a hoard against whoever it lands on. Things that help are Medkits, helpful and common, adrenaline, which is like speedy pain pills, and pain pills, which will heal you temporarily. It's great.

Weapons are also pretty cool, with shotguns doing huge damage, SCARs being accurate and awesome, auto shotguns being BADASS, machine guns mowing down enemies, pistols destroying weak zombies or going rambo, M60s, destroying EVERYTHING, smgs, which are like mini AK47s, and meele weapons, which are so helpful.

As for the AI... well, take a look.

Music, graphics and sound is also well done. You may find some bugs or the rare hole in the map, but graphics are good. Graphics fit the apocalypse, and there is some great music.

L4D2 is great. Whilst L4D may be superior, buy this one too. You won't regret it.
Characters: 8.
Story: 6. Sorry, but it's weak, as it's told only through dialogue that's missable.
Fun: 8. Awesome, especially with friends.
Sounds and Graphics: 8.5. They fit the game well.
Writing: 7. Funny at times, but it tries to tell the story through it.
Control: 8. You gotta get used to it, but it's good when you do.
Level Design: 7.5. Great, but in the village on the Parish, WHERE DO I GO?
Co-op: OVER 9000.

OVERALL SCORE: 8/10, aka 4/5 stars.

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