Tuesday, 6 May 2014

DmC: Devil May Cry Review

Why does everyone hate this game? Sure, it's not as good as Devil May Cry 3 or 4, but it's still a hella lot of fun. So, here's a review of the reboot of DmC. Keep in mind that if you hate this game, then sucks for you. This is my review so it's my opinion.

First of all, the new Dante. He SUCKS. All his is is some egotistic douchebag emo teenager, who just doesn't care about anything. And any gamer knows that an unlikeable character is the worst type of character. But there's worse characters. Kat is an alright character, I guess, but she isn't a strong character. Virgil is now a douchebag. That's right, they RUINED VIRGIL. He sees a demon, shoots her baby, lets it sink in, and then shoots her in the head. Because, y'know, screw honor! Even though his dad was a demon! And Dante is half demon!

What they really perfected, though, was combat. You throw your fingers all around the controller, slamming A Y RT Y Y Y HOLD A B X X X X X X Y Y UP UP Y and all kinds of crazy mixes to delightfully murder your enemies with a giant demon axe, an angel sychthe, Ebony and Ivory, and one awesome sword. We can all learn one thing - don't be a demon with a chainsaw. Combat is also EXTREMELY rewarding, as you get achievements with plenty of G for defeating a bunch of enemies or a boss. Nice.

For those that care, graphics are really amazing. It's artsy and feels good to look at, with graphics that actually make you wanna play more. They're that good. Voice acting, however, is bad, so is writing. Does anyone else remember this?
"I am... Mundus (I DUNNO HIS NAME)..."
"You're an a**hole!"
That was a classic so bad it's good.

Boss fights are fun. If you liked the bosses in Castle Crashers, then you'll love them here. You catch onto their attack patterns after fun trial-on-error, and they take a beating from your awesome moves. Gotta love dat.

DmC: Devil May Cry is a fun game. So why the hate? God knows. I reccomend you buy it, and if you don't like it, give it to a friend. It's a good game hiding underneath minor flaws.

Story: 6.
Fun: 10. Damn. DmC 5 is the most fun I've had. EVER.
Level Design: 7. Definatley fits with your weapons, and feels artsy.
Sounds and Graphics: 7. Bad sound, good graphics.
Control: 7. If you don't let it be lazy button mashing, then it's great.
New Dante: 5. Hit or miss.

OVERALL SCORE: 7/10, aka 3.5 stars.

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