Sunday, 15 June 2014

Nintendo Game Boy Review

There have been a lot of Game Boys: Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, and Game Boy Micro to name most. But I'm talking about the original one from 1989 (released in Europe during 1990). Think of it as a portable NES. I consider it one of the best portable consoles of all time.

The button layout can make a handheld system great or junk. And this one isn't junk. It's like an NES controller, with a d-pad and the B and A buttons, but also with two other "SELECT" and "START" buttons. On the side, you can control contrast which is really helpful, and on the other you can adjust volume.

One thing that isn't that great, though, is that there is no menu on the Gameboy. You switch it on, and the Nintendo logo appears. That's it, and then it waits for you to put in a cartridge. It could have a "memory" option or a "settings" to get a custom background, at least something.

A kinda bad thing is the cartridges are hard to store. I usually put cartridges on shelves, but here's the problem with these: there are no end labels. So you have to pull out a game, see what it is, put it back, and repeat until you find the one you want. Thus, I now put them in a box.

Games on the Game Boy are numerous, at 716 (not for all Game Boys). They're basic, but still fun, the best one on it being Mario. Think of it: the first system that allowed Mario on the go. Why not? Only issue: you can't save. So games aren't long, but c'mon! A good thing about them, though, is that you can play them on the DS and GameCube (with an extension, I know I said there was no accesories for the GC but I was wrong, and it can also play Game Boy Advance and SP games).

A good thing - you can put in headphones!

The Game Boy was advanced for it's time, but the DS is better than it now. If you're a retro gamer, get it, but if you just wanna play the games, get a GameCube with the extension or a DS.


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