Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Top 5 Video Game Enemies

Video games always have one thing - enemies, for the best, or for the worst. Here, we take a look at the top 5 video game enemies. Rules are they must be from games I've played and only one game enemy per franchise. That obvious stuff aside, lets begin!

5) Portal Series - Turret

Ah yes, Portal 2 is a great game. It involves using your mind, something not commonly executed well executed in most games, but Portal hits the nail on it. That being said, it has some great boss fights and types of turrets. Turrets are the little terrors of Aperture Science, shooting Chell to death and often appearing in large dangerous packs. It can really be annoying when they sit on non portable surfaces, making it impossible to come up behind them and throw them around. They're low because they can be used to your advantage sometimes, but they're still annoying.

4) Bioshock Infinite - Handyman

Bioshock is full of heavy hitters, and the handyman is definatley the strongest. Taking the cake at number 4, they're not only strong but are also pretty damn scary. Same with their dialogue. One hit can destroy your shield with ease, they're giants, hard to kill, have booming voices, and are fast. They are DAMN FAST. Don't try and run, these things will chase you down like a murderer and squash you. And then, when you finally do kill them, you can even be killed by the explosion from their death! They're a really bad challenge but atleast they aren't numerous and some are avoidable.

3) Left 4 Dead Series - Tank

Yep, another heavy hitter. Tanks are also fast, giant and scary, but have a theme song that makes you sh*t yourself when its heard. The ground rumbles when they're near, but their design truly shines with their attacks. They can punch you sky high, but not as high as the Skyrim trolls (BADUM TISH), throw rocks at you, and deal heavy punches. And when your incapacitated and they scream at you, you just beg they die off so you can be saved. Because if they don't, you're screwed. Whats also a good thing about them is that the usually appear at the end of missions when escape is available, making them a hazard since you're trying to hurt the tank but also get in the escape.

2) Minecraft - Creeper

SSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssss... BOOM! How could you make a best enemies list without these little green guys? They're deadly because they're silent until they hiss, moments from when they explode, and unless you're a ninja then thats probably when you smash your keyboard or controller through the screen and throw the machine out the window. Found in caves they will destroy you and make you lose your diamonds if you're without torches, and if they get hit my lightning then they can be a real pain in the a**. 

1) Half Life Series - Headcrab

At number one, in a really great game, is the headcrab from Half Life. No, not the derpy zombies that they make (those things are one of the worst things, not the best :P) They jump at you, do a good amount of damage and the types vary in a good way. They're something to watch out for and can be thrown at you by the fat poison zombies. 


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