Sunday, 6 April 2014

Far Cry 2 Review

The Far Cry franchise is an outstanding series, despite the newest game being bad. My second favorite besides Far Cry 3, Far Cry 2, is where the series feels like effort has been used in the right way. Its fast paced, fun, and a great game.

Lets start with the story. Its not much, but still a decent storyline. You're on a holiday in UAC, as a mercenary to assassinate The Jackal, who is selling weapons. After passing out at the end of your jeep ride after getting a sudden disease, you awake in a hotel room, and face the Jackal but are unable to defeat him because of the malaria you're infected by, you die trying to escape so you begin to work for Warren Clyde (if he isn't chosen as your character). Its a really good set up.

Next, the map editor. Its a great tool and functions well... if you have a lot of time. Making maps is rewarding, easy and yet takes a while. Results are great and downloadable maps are a fun new mix to the game, but if you want to make a map quickly, then you're really out of luck.

The weapons are realistic and fun. From rifles to pistols to machetes, they all feel powerful but controlled. Now, lets move onto the flamethrower... which is good and bad in all respects. Whilst when you do ignite things, its satisfying watching enemies burn or items burn, but there isn't a whole lot of things to burn and destroy. You can ignite pretty much anything, but they usually will stay alight for a minute and then not fall apart. A destruction engine would really help. Yet, when things do burn, its pretty fun. Not as good as the Far Cry 3 fire engine though.

Enemy AI is actually pretty smart. They will shoot on sight, be reasonable with their machine gun stands, not run up to you and fire like an idiot, and have decent health. A large pack of them is pretty dangerous, but the game is fair on the health so its not likely you're gonna die early on in the game. Not to say they aren't a threat, though.

Vehicles are a joy. They have brilliant physics just like the Far Cry 3 vehicles, are very speedy, plentiful, and repairing them isn't a pain. Vehicles are essential for getting to once place and back, so you need them. Health supplies and saving is common and not overused, and the freeworld element feels free and allows you to do anything your heart desires.

For those that care, graphics are well done for the time this game was made. They're not bland, the lighting is nearly perfect, and sound has no audio spikes. Voice acting, at some points, can be weird, but generally fine. Anyway, moving on. The missions are fun and have plenty of shooting, and Far Cry 2 throws you right into the action with no dragged on story. Its a real fun game, and sorry for the short review, but anyway I reccomend it.

Story: 7. Far Cry 2 has a short intro, but the story is great throughout.
Fun: 9. Despite disappointing fire mechanics, the game is a hell of a lot fun.
Level Design: 6. A 6 because its an open world, but the open world map feature is pretty well done.
Characters: 7. Far Cry 2's characters are plentiful and you hate them or like them instantly.
Writing - 6.5. The script is great but some parts lacks good voice acting.
Control - 8. Generally great and fun.
Sound and Graphics - 7. Decent.

OVERALL RATING: 7/10, aka 3.5 stars.

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