Friday, 25 April 2014

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Review

Terrorists, Vegas, and Casinos!
First of all, why I didn't post for 5 days. My computer fan was messing up. Anyway, I am a huge fan of Tom Clancy's video games. He made games from the stealthy Splinter Cell all the way up to the awesome strategy games like Ghost Recon. Rainbow Six Vegas is one of his, in my opinion, best games, with fun around every corner and a fast-paced atmosphere.

The game begins with you as Logan Keller and your group Team Rainbow being dropped into the middle of Vegas. It used to be America's playground, but now it's a battlefield, as terrorists have overrun and wrecked the place. Constantly, you and your team will be firing at terrorists as they fire back in large groups, in numerous and common well-made epic gunfights. Awesome work there, Ubisoft.

Guns and ammo systems are the best I've seen in a long time. All the newest games seem to like ammo that doesn't show how much clips you have, and instead how much bullets, but Rainbow Six Vegas gets it right. If it says 12, then you have 12 clips, not 12 bullets. Its one of those systems that do it easily, such as great old games like this and Black, but now its gone. Why?! I hope it returns, because I really like it. Glad this game featured it.

For those that care, graphics are literally stunning. Why they may not be anything too special, they definatley stand out with great graphics for things like the Vegas fountains and the general light of the many lights in Vegas. Sound is great for an old game, no audiospikes yet.

A feature I really like is the feature to control your team. Regroup, go there, everything you need to fight strategically is there. It is really nice. The d-pad controls really well for it, too, with no awkward controls to it.

Let's speak about controls. They're good controls, considering I recently got used to the new aiming control of pushing down the bottom joystick. Possibly they may take some time to get used to, but once you are, they will feel so natural. Tom Clancy's games all have good controls, but this shines in that.

Level design is... godlike. I have seen few games where the design of being outside in areas with a ton of buildings used well, but Rainbow Six Vegas slapped me in the face and said "Hey, there are some that aren't like that!" You never get lost and it feels all natural without trying too hard to be fun, and just feels like you would find it in a battlezone. If you were fighting in a casino, you would fight like in this game. If all else fails, use the map.

Characters are... well, soldiers. They are far from forgettable, but they're nothing special. You have your team, the woman who guides you through missions (HITMAN MUCH), but aside from that, nothing much. Speaking of NPCs, the enemy and your team have some of the best AI I've seen in games.

Tom Clancy was an amazing game maker, author, and so on. His games are loved by gamers including me, and Rainbow Six Vegas is a great piece of work of his. Sorry for the short review, btw, but I may be getting Bioshock Tin Edition tomorrow, so... :D

Fun:  9. Fast paced shooting and amazing AI.
Characters: 7. Some stick out, but not that much.
Controls: 8. They feel natural, for sure, but definatley take a while to get used to. Nothing wrong with them though.
Story: 8. Rainbow Six Vegas has a really good story.
Graphics and Sound: 8. Surprisingly good, but nothing speical.
Writing: 10. Damn... for a military shooter, I expected sh*t voice acting... but was met with nothing such.

OVERALL RATING: 8/10, aka 4 stars.

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