Sunday, 13 April 2014

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Review

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but let's be honest - there's so many new games out you gotta buy at least one (Me buying this and Terraria, I'm gonna buy Titanfall soon). Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is no exception from being a great game. Whilst some hate it for the typical EA always online bullcrap, it's awesome if you look past that.

First of all, the characters are funny and each unique. Starting with plants, the Peashooter is fun. He has a powerful 10 round pea cannon, which is a joy to mess with, and relies on speed (basically being like the TF2 Scout). His speed ability doesn't make him go that fast, but it can definatley get you out of bad situations. The bomb is powerful yet requires much skill to get a zombie with it, since they all have a move to evade it. His pea-gatling ability can hold certain map areas for a while, but it does weak damage. If you can be quick, then he is the class for you.

The Chomper is my favorite of the plants. He does really powerful chomping attacks, and overcomes his meele only attack with a balanced power to go underground and come up on zombies, eating them. Chomper can also get them from behind, but don't worry; he can be escaped. He can plant Spikeweeds to pin down zombies and slow them with Goop, being overall a support class. Even if his biting from behind takes some cool-down it is insta-kill and something to be wary of.

Sunflower is a medical class. She can use a heal beam to quickly heal team mates, possibly revives them quickly, but surprisingly packs a punch. Her quick attack and soon damage enemies, Dark Flower and Solar Flare Beam lasers destroying opponents. Don't underestimate this little healing class, she is pretty powerful in all respects, despite her low HP.

Last of all we have the cactus. He's basically a sniper. You can use him to shoot from long range to take down zombies with powerful bullets, and use Potato Mines to catch out un-expecting zombies. Yet, I haven't unlocked his other abilities, so I can't review them.

Moving onto the zombies. Usually, I play the Foot Soldier or All Star. Foot Soldiers can rocket jump onto rooftops and out of sticky situations, use his ZPG to clear out areas, and his stinkbomb to make a smoke screen. He's a fun and greatly balanced class, making him my favorite of the zombies.

The Engineer is fun, but I don't play him much. I guess you can use him to make robot head drones and use his drill to annoy zombies, but I find him mostly useful to distract Chompers with his Sonic Grenades. A fun class, I guess. The scientist is the medical class of the undead. He has a 3 shot cannon, and is pretty annoying with his teleporting. His other two moves are fun, and I'm not gonna spoil them for you. Gotta see them yourself, but don't worry, its worth it!

Finally the All Star. He's a big zombie, being with that an easy target, but he's fun. With his minigun he can kill idle plants and annoy them, use his shields as handy protection, use his sprint tackle to kill annoying plants that are near, and his Imps to scare off noobs. He's definatley a powerhouse.

Next, the maps. They're few, but they're all pretty good. Garden Ops mode offers unique maps such as SharkBite Bay, which are well designed for waves of zombies. Not to say the multiplayer maps are worse, they're also good and well made, my favorite map being Welcome Mat. The modes in multiplayer are generic such as catch this, defend this, but offers new modes such as vanquish.

Garden Ops is a mode you can play where each of 4 players are defending against waves of zombies and zombie bosses (they're fun bosses, aside from the incredibly annoying yeti one, but at least he's weak). Its a basic survival tower-defense kinda thing, but its far from boring. I love it. Only problem is, there is more kids on this game than Call of Booty. AND THEY ALL HAVE MICS. AAAAAAAAARGH!

Oh well. Its a fun game, with fun modes, even if the online stuff is annoying sometimes.

Fun: 9. Its really fun, with plenty of different modes to keep that fun.
Characters: 8. Funny and unique classes.
Controls: 8.5. Once you get used to them, they're easy.
Graphics and Sounds: 9. Has that awesome cartoony style and no audio spikes.
Writing: N/A

OVERALL RATING: 9/10, aka 4.5 stars.

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